Raku Ceramics Process - Stage 2 - Glazing

This week we have some pictures showing the glazing process which takes place after the bisque firing.

Glazing work for Raku can be done by various methods - dipping, pouring, brushing, spraying, splashing, dripping, sponging. We brush on our glaze using a combination of glazes to give vibrant contrasts of colour.  Some Raku glazes produce cracking and result in a spider webbing effect. You can also combine both a glazed and unglazed natural smoky effect on the pottery.

The application of a glaze has a direct effect on the end result & although we may intend a certain type of final effect there are no guarantees & it is always exciting to see the end product. This is also why the meaning of Raku is 'Happiness in the accident'.

Next week we'll look at the second firing & see how some of the items turn out.

A kiln full of bisqued ware to be glazed

A lavender pouch

Glazing a large seahorse

Glazing a tile

Rosie glazing